Eco-tools for Body/Mind Balance

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  • Private: Bhoga Fitness Stool
  • Private: Bhoga Fitness Stool
  • Private: Bhoga Fitness Stool
  • Private: Bhoga Fitness Stool

Bhoga Infinity Bench 14″ high

The Bhoga Infinity Bench powerfully blends ancient wisdom with contemporary design. The Infinity Bench is beautiful, sturdy heirloom quality furniture AND a multi-functional fitness bench. The Bhoga Infinity Bench is a great partner for decreasing stress while increasing strength and flexibility. Balance your body — increase vitality! Enjoy the process with Bhoga.

  • L- 19.5″ x W- 24″ x H- 14″
  • The wood (sustainable rubber tree) is very finely finished providing not only the warmth of wood but also the feeling of smooth skin. A pleasure to touch.
  • All edges are rounded.
  • The visual and tactile guides of the Bhoga infinity bench makes balancing the body via optimum alignment, virtually effortless.
  • Almost limitless adjustable options for supporting, strengthening and releasing the body results in a quieter, more focussed mind.
  • Choose from two finishes, Natural and Honey
  • Includes a 30 page color guidebook with photographs
  • Also available in a 9″ height here or purchase both for additional savings here