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Functional furniture

Does your furniture improve and enhance your posture, flexibility and strength while also providing you comfort and support?

The Bhoga Infinity Chair does!

The Bhoga Infinity Chair and Bhoga Infinity Bench are a powerful blend of ancient wisdom with innovative, contemporary design. Eco-friendly and ergonomic, the silky smooth finish invites exploration. Every surface, line and curve, every angle and contour invites touch while providing support for stretching, strengthening and relaxing. The intelligent design features beautifully integrated guides for optimum body balance. Sturdy, graceful arches support decompression and lengthening where needed and wanted.

Sitting cross-legged, feet to the ground, or with feet on, or extended over the bench, the Bhoga Infinity Chair Set naturally, supportively, encourages balanced weight distribution in any position. Decompression happens while balancing flexible fluidity with strength.

With minimal physical effort, the body will be more spacious, light, strong and balanced. It is enjoyable when we experience the feelings of increasing balance, openness and strength progressively. When something is enjoyable, we naturally want to do it more and more.

More and more freedom of movement, fuller range of motion, less stress in joints and less soreness/pain in muscles!

Experienced a paradigm shift at home this morning with the purchase of my Bhoga Chair, Bhoga Bench, and Bhoga Bar. Fell in love with it with last week and now own one.
Goodbye bad posture. Hello enjoyment!
Tony Ukena
I am an avid walker. The Bhoga furniture is a great complimentary exercise modality and high quality, attractive furniture. The videos and guidebook (comes with it) allows me to study the poses and then monitor my movements as I go. I can then concentrate on specific areas while adhering to proper technique. In just a few short weeks, my flexibility has increased. The Bhoga furniture is comfortable, easy and enjoyable to use.
Tony Grimaldi
As a Personal Trainer I have found the Bhoga Bench and Bhoga Bar to be very effective pieces of equipment. I use them almost every day in my own flexibility training. Flexibility is a big part of my training program and I have all my clients stretch in some way after a session of mostly resistance and functional training. The Bar and Bench are easy to use and always accessible. I have one in my living room always available. It’s a nice piece of furniture as well. The sturdiness of the wood combined with the ergonomic designs of curves and arches, allow for more flexibility when the stretches are done correctly. The booklet that comes with the bench and/or chair clearly and simply explains how to do the various stretches/yoga poses. I highly recommend the Bhoga Bench, Bar and Chair.
Errol Gumer, Nasm-CPT, CES

Increase Energy, Vitality and Balance — in comfort and style.

The Bhoga Infinity Chair Set includes: Bhoga Infinity Chair, Bhoga Infinity Bench and 3 natural fiber cushions. One adjustable upper back cushion, one seat cushion and one floating cushion to be used as desired.

Why should the Bhoga Infinity Chair be your go-to chair for relaxation, supportive stretching and resistance strengthening?

Furniture may initially feel comfortable due to its’ cushions and springs. However, without a firm inherent structure, the body will not get support for decompressing tensions, releasing aches or maintaining healthful posture. With this type of furniture, over time, the body will tend to sink and compress.

The ergonomic design of the Bhoga Infinity Chair and Bench provides a solid foundation with just the right amount of cushioning. All natural cotton and kapok cushioning provides comfort while the beautiful arch design naturally guides and supports the body in optimum posture, decompressing the hips, spine and back.

What features of the Bhoga Chair Set make increasing Energy, Flexibility, Strength and Balance simple and enjoyable?

  • Every surface of the Bhoga Chair Set has rounded edges for body comfort.
  • The graceful back arch improves posture by lengthening of the spine and giving comfortable support where desired.
  • Adjustable shoulder and floating cushion provides comfort and support where you need it and how you want it.
  • Floating 3rd cushion placed vertically is ideal for sitting breathing exercises and/or meditation posture.
  • Wavy paired finger grips line both the back arch and under the seat.
    These wavy paired grips are comfortable support and alignment guides for many exercises. They are also attractive!
  • The front and top of the Chair and both ends of the Bench have ‘end arches’. Each end arch has 3 notches and 4 grips. These visual and tactile guides encourage easy alignment, stretching and balance.
  • End arches are round shaped creating comfortable support to ergonomically grasp using the natural curvature/arches of the hands and feet.
  • Belts, bands or other accessories can be looped thru the notches for a multitude of stretching and strengthening uses.
  • Paired grips on the end arches are not just aesthetic. The grips are paired equidistant from the center and are multi-functional when stretching and balancing the body.
  • Flared legs create a solid foundation for ultra stability and support.The flared legs are also easy to grip while providing great support for stability in any direction.
  • Self massage is highly effective and enjoyable using the cushions. There are many simple and enjoyable ways to use the comfortable natural fiber cushions either singly or in combination. Sit with feet cross-legged, to the ground or on the edge of the chair and allow the back or other parts to move against the comfortable cushions. The cushions are supported by firm wood, no springs. With the arch curve, it is simple to apply pressure where and how you want it while slowly moving virtually effortlessly.
  • Almost unlimited possibilities for rebalancing the body; increasing vitality and decreasing stress.
  • The Fitness Bench can conveniently be stored in between the arches at the back of the chair.
  • Bhoga Infinity Chair and Infinity Bench are made from eco-friendly, sturdy, rubber tree hardwood. There are no screws or other hardware. Finely crafted with joinery. The rubber tree hardwood finish is super smooth and a pleasure to explore.
  • Increase Energy, Vitality and Balance Everyday!
  • Includes a 57 page color guidebook

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