Support Bhoga on IndieGoGo: The Ultimate Yoga Block, Power to the Arch!

//Support Bhoga on IndieGoGo: The Ultimate Yoga Block, Power to the Arch!

Please help Bhoga by supporting our Bhoga Inifnity block #IndieGoGo campaign. We would greatly appreciate your support in any way – even one share would really help with making this campaign a success!

For those who are not aware of IndieGoGo or the idea of crowd funding – IndieGoGo is the largest global site for fundraisers, it helps individuals, groups and non-profits raise money online to make their ideas a reality.

The Bhoga Infinity Block is literally, and figuratively a break thru event in the evolution of blocks! Introducing the world’s first super-ergonomic, lightweight, sustainable and renewable, wooden block with a hole in the middle (open core), two arched sides with rounded edges. Arches are the most vital shape in our body for weight distribution and energy transference. When the arches of the hands or feet and the contours of the spine are comfortably and naturally supported, good things happen!

We need to raise funds so we can order a ‘minimum’ production run order. Premium yoga props are not inexpensive to produce. A supported campaign will keep the price of these awesome, innovative blocks affordable to all, we have today launched a crowd funding campaign thru Indiegogo, called ‘The Ultimate Yoga Block, Power to the Arch’

Please take a few minutes on our Indiegogo campaign  (link below) to discover the pleasure and power in using the most ergonomic and fun block on the planet; the Bhoga Infinity Block.

I greatly appreciate your support in any way that is best for you. If this is not the right time or block for you, please share with your social networks.

There are great ‘perks’ and super discounts on the campaign and FREE shipping on all perks ordered before May 25th.

Here is the link to our campaign

The Ultimate Yoga Block, Power to the Arch

We greatly appreciate and value your support,




Randy Dean
Founder of and designer/developer of the Bhoga Infinity Block

Bhoga IndieGoGo

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