Got Your Back – The newest Bhoga family member has your back!

Got Your Back by Bhoga (GYB) is a newborn star in the realm of ergonomics:) GYB effortlessly relaxes overly tight muscles in the back, neck or shoulders while improving posture and mobility. Plus, it is the ideal shape and consistency to enjoy awesome self-massages! GYB's air-filled malleable dome is ergonomic heaven. Make any chair ergonomic with GYB! [...]

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Bhoga Black Friday Sale!

The Bhoga Black Friday Sale Begins NOW thru this Sunday, November 29th. Get 25% off your entire purchase on using the discount code BBF25 Supercharge your vitality with Bhoga family products — Bhoga Chairs, Benches, Blocks, Alignment Mat and the awesome Bhoga Wall. Have a wonderful Happy, Healthy Thanksgiving and holiday season! All orders [...]

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Support Bhoga on IndieGoGo: The Ultimate Yoga Block, Power to the Arch!

Please help Bhoga by supporting our Bhoga Inifnity block #IndieGoGo campaign. We would greatly appreciate your support in any way - even one share would really help with making this campaign a success! For those who are not aware of IndieGoGo or the idea of crowd funding - IndieGoGo is the largest global site for fundraisers, it helps individuals, [...]

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Stretching — Strengthening — Balancing

Stretching, creating space, increasing flexibility and range of motion. Developing balanced strength. Decreasing stress and compression. Make the process interesting, engaging, and enjoyable. Beneficial results are over 90% attitude, attention and intention.

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Review in Yoga International – Spring 2013

      The Bhoga  System Stretching has never felt so good. Made from sustainable rubber tree hardwood, the Bhoga ladder and its removable knobby Bhoga bars are positively sensuous to the touch—and an Iyengar teacher’s dream prop. Even the name will put a smile on your face— bhoga means “enjoyment” in Sanskrit. Created by longtime Iyengar [...]

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