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How the Bhoga Wall System works

The Bhoga System stretches, strengthens and aligns the body like never before. Healthful and enjoyable in so many ways!

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High quality ballet, yoga and Pilates equipment

A. Bhoga BarsBhoga Bars are handmade from Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Rubber Tree Hardwood.

  • There are 2 sizes of Bhoga Bars. The long Bhoga Bar is approximately 50 inches long and the shorter Bhoga Bar is approximately 31 inches.
  • For User safety, ALWAYS use the dark colored locking keys, as shown in Photo ‘A’. These locking keys should ALWAYS be used when the Bhoga Bars are placed in the notches of the Wall Unit.
  • The locking keys have magnets on the tip. They should slide in easily and contact with the metal stops at the back of the notches.

B. Bhogalign Grips: The Bhogalign Grips provide 3 powerful benefits

  1. Alignment – Balanced postural alignment promotes optimum health and well being. Bhogalign Grips are symmetrical pairs, equidistant from the center point. It is easy, even without looking, to align and realign movements, using the spine, sternum, pubic and other bones as anatomical reference points.
  2. Arch Supports – The hand has 3 arches. The curves of the Bhogalign Grips are like arch supports built into shoes. The Grips are comfortable, supportive anchor points for grounding and lifting.
  3. Grips – The Bhogalign Grips are like grips on many car steering wheels. Whether your hands are on the Grips or the spaces between the Grips, the Bhogalign Grips helps keep the hands from sliding sideways and provides a firm, comfortable grip.

C. Notches

  • The entire Bhoga wall unit frame can be used for Alignment Guides, Support and Leverage.
  • There are 2 notch areas, one at the front and one at the back of the wall unit.
  • Both of these open notched areas have individual adjustable height options providing support, stability and leverage.


The Bhoga Wall System has changed the way I practice and the way I work with my private students. I can’t imagine not having this piece of equipment to work with. It’s as essential as any other yoga prop for me! I can access parts of my body so much deeper and I am able to help my students do the same. The craftsmanship is unbelievable. I feel very fortunate to be able to use the Bhoga Wall System.
Gail Grossman, Director of Om Sweet Om Yoga in Port Washington, NY
I am a Physical Therapist, Feldenkreis Practitioner and yoga student. I have been using the Bhoga System in my home for a month and am still discovering new ways of using it as the versatility of this system is amazing. It is very helpful for stretching, strengthening and alignment, and could readily be used by physical therapists, personal trainers, pilates instructors, yoga teachers, and for personal home use. It is a very well made product that is easy to assemble and install, and takes up very little space. Randy Dean has developed a first rate product which is very inventive and unique in its design and use. I would recommend the Bhoga System to anyone and I now plan to install one in my clinic.
Athena Kyle, Physical Therapist
As an Iyengar yoga instructor, I’m familiar with the use of supportive props to enable extension of the spinal and appendicular skeleton for flexibility and other benefits of yoga practice. The Bhoga system meets the spirit of these props and adds new dimensions of alignment cues, adjustability, and (with the exercise bands included in the package) strength training. It offers great synergy between yoga, fitness training and physical therapy.
The Bhoga is an elegant fusion of sophisticated design and low-tech construction. The smooth solid wood is a joy to touch.
Every time I work with the Bhoga, I find new ways for it to deepen each aspect of asana practice. I would recommend the Bhoga system to anyone who teaches using props, therapeutic yoga, or a yoga/fitness program.
David Nelson, Yoga Instructor
The Bhoga System is a stream lined system to support and enhance stretching efforts. The Bhoga Wall Unit combines functionality and precision to maximize elongation and quality of stretching for your entire body. The Bhoga system provides the use of bars for leverage to assist in efficient and safe stretching for the whole body. With its thoughtful spacing of Bhogalign Grips and adjustable bar height, the possibilities of supported stretching are endless. Its design encourages proper alignment of the spine and extremities in all stretching capacities.
With the incorporation of the foam roller and blocks, comfortable support is added for the entire body no matter what the stretch is. Feet, legs, shoulders, arms, torso and head all can be supported and “suspended” so the quality of the stretch can be maximized; stretching has never felt so good.
The attention to detail and function of the Bhoga system makes stretching easy, adaptable and comfortable.
I have a unit installed in my office! I enjoy using the Bhoga system for myself and for instructing patients on how to safely and fully stretch, maximizing spinal and extremity health in daily life.
Claudia Kindler, DC, Valley Chiropractic

Stretching Never Felt So Good

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S.A.I.L. with Bhoga

Get fit, safely and enjoyably.

Customize every stretch and strengthening movement to your body. Recreate your natural optimal alignment. Decompress, release tension, build strength and vitality easefully with the Bhoga Wall System.

Support Alignment Interconnectivity Leverage (S.A.I.L.)

Support – The Bhoga Wall System and Bhoga Bars provide a framework of customized support. Support creates an environment of stability. Plug in and get recharged.

Alignment – Enjoy the endless benefits of natural, healthful alignment! Healthy body alignment balances our muscular and skeletal system creating easeful movements with full range of motion. The Bhogalign Grips and Bhoga alignment mat provide clear and simple symmetrically paired guide points to use in realigning our bodies. The symmetrical Bhogalign Grips are all equidistant from a center point. Using these guideposts, we can self-align our bodies and undo imbalances in a systematic, supported way. The Bhoga Wall System is like a golden key opening the door to vitality.

Interconnectivity – When a circuit is connected, power is released. The Bhoga Wall System and Bhoga Bars act as bridges for connecting the right side with the left side and the top with the bottom of the body. The interconnected, supported body provides optimum control and leverage for optimal realignment . Experience power, calm and control like never before.

Leverage – Leverage is a very powerful tool enhancing each movement and exercise. The careful and wise use of leverage facilitates both stretching and strengthening. Use the power wisely and you will have a happy, energized body.