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 Infinite Possibilities — Effortless Alignment

Super Ergonomic — Super Versatile — Super Fun

For the first time ever, your ‘block’ is a natural extension of your body shape.     Better, healthier alignment for poses at every level.

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“Bhoga Infinity Blocks fit naturally with the contours of the hand, like a glove. They are designed to harmonize with all the body’s arches and curves. Optimum stability with ergonomic connectivity. And, they’re so FUN to use.”
Randy Dean, President, Founder, Bhoga.

Bhoga Infinity Block Benefits and Features:

  • Rounded and open sides provides a natural contoured grip creating stability for optimal alignment, deeper poses and increased balance
  • Bhoga block arches connect comfortably and simply with hand/feet arches
  • Conforms naturally with spinal curves
  • Perfect for restorative poses as Bhoga blocks nestle into and support spinal curves
  • Offers another level of awareness, increasing attention to alignment and feeling of healthful support
  • Can be beneficial for releasing computer-related neck & shoulder tightness
  • Can benefit wrist discomfort in downward/upper facing dog and standing poses by gripping the ergonomic arch shape whilst raising/lowering the base of the palm to users preference
  • The hollowed center makes the block lighter and easy to carry with a natural, comfortable grip
  • Sturdy
  • The warmth of solid wood gives firm, organic feedback
  • Fun, easy on the eyes, environmentally friendly and a pleasure to use

“The Bhoga block features a cut-out center, which allows one to grip the block easily by wrapping the fingers around the contoured edges. These blocks are perfect for someone like me who suffers from wrist discomfort because the rounded inclined arch enables me to place my wrists at a very comfortable and supported position.”  
Patty Dobson, yoga teacher – San Francisco

“I’ve always loved wooden blocks for their sturdiness and dependability, but I must admit they’ve never really been that comfortable to lie over. Bhoga Infinity blocks have changed that. Made of the most sensuous wood I’ve ever felt, their softly sloping edges seem to conform perfectly to my spine during restorative backbends. And their open-sided design helps me better align my over-worked wrists during a more active vinyasa practice. “
Linda Sparrowe, former editor-in-chief of Yoga International and author of Yoga At Home


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Using two blocks for luxurious support with the enjoyable new Bhoga infinity block

Style and Sustainability 

Bhoga blocks are made from beautiful sustainable and renewable rubber tree hardwood. Measuring at 10.25 x 5.75 x 3.5″, the sturdy Bhoga block weighs approximately 2.5-3lb.


Pricing and Availability

Bhoga Infinity Blocks are available now, here

Price  $69.95 for two large, $64.95 for two small. Set of 4, two large and two small for only $109.95!   For wholesale pricing, kindly inquire.