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The One and Only!  Bhoga Mats and Pads

Have perfect effortless body alignment, any and every time with Bhoga’s Lotus-sun Yoga Mats and Pads!

All Bhoga Yoga Mats and Pads made using 100% Natural Rubber with eco-polyurethane top skin and No PVC, silicone or phthalates!  This, along with the laser-engraved design that will not rub off makes both them eco-friendly and durable! All mats and pads come with an all cotton carrying strap!



The original White Gold premium alignment mat provides a foundational path that enriches and deepens your practice.






Bhoga’s Lotus-sun Alignment mat serves as your personal guide and partner in creating optimum body alignment every time – for any pose and practice. Our newly enhanced design has thicker lines and bigger suns resulting in simpler, almost automatic body alignment.






Our Lotus Alignment Yoga Pad is longer and thicker than most mini-mats but is still small enough to fit in your bag and light enough to carry anywhere. It’s the perfect size for meditation, seated poses, inversions, and other poses! Use alone or with any mat as extra cushioning for knees, hands and wrists!





Also available in the Lotus-sun Alignment — Mini-Maxi mat Bundle! Buy together and save!!