Lotus-sun Alignment Mat – New, enhanced 2.0 design!

//Lotus-sun Alignment Mat – New, enhanced 2.0 design!

Lotus-sun Alignment Mat – New, enhanced 2.0 design!


Align the Body — Focus the Mind

Bhoga’s Lotus-sun mat serves as your personal guide and partner in creating optimum body alignment everytime – for any pose and practice.

Our newly enhanced design has thicker lines and bigger suns resulting in simpler, almost automatic body alignment. The mandala design has 88+ alignment guides. At the heart is Bhoga’s  radiant expanding lotus surrounded by suns with border pathways, as easy to use, precision alignment markers. Paired elements are equidistant from the center guiding you to effortless outer alignment — leading to inner peace.

  • Great grip, slip-resistant
  • 100% Natural Rubber with eco-polyurethane top skin
  • No PVC, silicone or phthalates
  • Eco-friendly and durable
  • Extra-wide, extra-long and extra-thick — 26.75″ x 72″ x .2″     68cm x 183 cm x 5mm
  • Laser-engraved design will not rub off
  • Mandala design helps to focus the mind while aligning the body
  • All cotton mat carrying strap included

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Yoga – defined by Patanjali

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali -Book 1, Sutra 2 – Yogas chitta vritti nirodha’ – “The restraint of the modifications of the mind-stuff is Yoga”, (from translation of Sri Swami Satchidananda).

Sage Patanjali, though he lived thousands of years ago, is often regarded as the ‘father of modern yoga.’ Patanjali teaches that ‘yoga’ -union of body, mind and spirit – is attained when the mind is supremely calm and focussed. The fluctuations of the thought waves are restrained, like the calm surface of a lake on a windless day.

We designed our mandala alignment mats to bring you toward that inner peace, calm and focus.

Does the design and color of your mat draw you inward or outward in focus and feel?

There are many mats with ‘designs’. Many are pretty and even colorful!

Does the design help to bring you inward, to focus the mind, or is it a ‘beautiful distraction’?

Our intention is for you to have a beautiful, premium-quality mat with a simple mandala design that assists you in focussing your mind while aligning your body.

Why create a mandala design?

A mandala is a geometric configuration of symbols often used in meditation and contemplation. Some mandalas, like ours, use elements of nature, to quiet the mind and bring inner peace while being connected to the cosmos.

Our Lotus-sun mandala design has the added benefit of easy to use, paired markers equidistant from the center, for precision body alignment. Virtually effortless and even fun to use!

At the heart center of Bhoga’s mandala design is our trademark spiraling and expanding lotus.

The lotus uplifts and inspires as it rises above muddy waters, symbolizing purity and beauty. Our unique spiraling and expanding lotus attunes us with life moving – from the center outward. From the expansion of our universe with the Big Bang from a tiny black hole to the life-giving radiance from the sun — life and prana moves, most often with spiraling directionality! From our DNA to the Milky Way, the spiral is how energy travels most efficiently and commonly!

Our Lotus is surrounded by paired Radiant Sun markers that make precision alignment super-easy.

These markers along with border pathways are like your personal sherpa guides leading you to balanced, focussed connectivity on the physical and energetic levels.

Our lotus flower unfolds with grace while the suns evoke radiating, life-empowering energy.

Have perfect effortless body alignment, any and every time with Bhoga’s  Lotus-sun Alignment Mat!

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