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Bhoga Wall System


Precision alignment and balanced traction!

Have virtually limitless options to complement your practice of yoga, Pilates, resistance training, functional/personal fitness training, physical therapy or any health regimen.

  • Bhoga bars are removable for use on and off the wall
  • Bhoga bars can be placed in any or all of 16 pairs of notches
  • Magnetized locking keys secure Bhoga bars in the notches
  • Alignment guideposts every 5 inches are visual and tactile alignment cues
  • Guideposts of Bhoga bar grips, notches on the Bhoga wall frames and locking keys
  • Guideposts offer points of resistance and rebound – ergonomically enhancing directional force
  • Attach ropes, straps, bands, cushions and more for endless combinations and uses!
  • Powerful, simple and fun to use!

Get Your Float On and Dance with Gravity!

The Bhoga Wall can serve as a ‘vertical floatation tank’!

Why floating? Floating is the Yin to Gravity’s Yang!

Be in balance with the two omnipresent forces that we interact with every second of every day, 24/7

Gravity and Air — also known as Prana, Chi, Ki, or life-force!

Floatation tanks ( horizontal personal size tanks with thousands of pounds of Epsom salts in water) create the experience and feeling of weightlessness — releasing tension and pain while increasing awareness.

How to create that ‘floating’ feeling on dry land?

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3 Bars: 2x50in; 1x31in $649.00, 4 Bars: 2x50in; 2x31in $699.00, 4 Bars: 3x50in; 1x31in $719.00, 5 Bars: 2x50in; 3x31in $749.00, 7 Bars: 3x50in; 4x31in $819, Best value 10 Bars: 5x50in; 5x31in $899