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How is your posture right now?

How do your back, neck, and shoulders feel? Tight, stiff, could be better?

Got Your Back by Bhoga combines GYB’s balanced dome with super-malleability to improve posture and decrease pain while increasing mobility and stability.

Available in GYB combo pak and the GYB Flap Edition! 


GYB promotes good posture. When we sit ‘up straight’ we almost never rest against the chair’s back.

Until now! GYB  fills in that empty gap between chair and our back with air-cushioned comfort allowing overly tight spinal muscles to relax, while nestling in to body contours.

With the breathing muscle (diaphragm) relaxing and our breath deepening, the upper chest and heart center will be “floating’ on air”! GYB not only fills the gap,

it has the ideal shape, feel and flexibility to support balanced spinal curves with ergonomic movement.


Round spherical objects are nature’s design for ergonomic mobility. From the earth, moon and stars to the wheels on our cars, spheres are mobile shapes.

GYB’s front side is a malleable dome sphere with air-cushioning that moves with the torso comfortably in any direction!  Kinda like you have a graceful dance partner.




Self-massage and spinal mobility are made for each other. Easily control pressure and direction of your back self-massage where and how you like it.

Your meditation partner, Got Your Back,  guides you to clear mindfulness with a happy, aligned spine. 

For use with yoga, Pilates, functional training or any fitness regimen. Remove the straps and you have a ‘prop’ that provides acute sensory feedback and conforming support.

Each GYB comes with access to two online Bonus GYB videos with both chair and mat exercises, for healthful inspiration!

Pricing and Availability

Available now!  Get your own GYB here today!