Got Your Back combo pak

//Got Your Back combo pak

Got Your Back combo pak


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Dance with gravity with Bhoga’s

 GYB (Got Your Back) and BB’s (Body Bolsters)

Gravity balancing – buoyancy boosting – bolsters and cushions.

Relieve pain and discomfort — Improve Vitality and Mobility!

Value-priced combo paks – customize your combo!

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Body Bolsters by Bhoga:

  • Bone-shaped cushions with 100% cotton covers and kapok-filled, removable inner linings.
  • All cotton removable cover – washable and comes in five colors
  • Valued for its natural buoyancy, kapok was once used as the filling of choice for life preservers!
  • Kapok is not your typical cotton candy-like fluffy filling.
  • Kapok’s natural fiber has qualities that provides an adjustable springiness for our gravity-balancing toolkit!

Got Your Back by Bhoga:

Got Your Back (GYB) by Bhoga – flap edition, is body support that helps you feel like you are floating on a cloud!

  •  GYB provides precise and immediate sensory feedback
  • GYB is your personal sherpa guide to improve posture while enhancing spinal mobility  
  • Flexible and expandable air-cushioned dome conforms naturally to your back, head, neck or legs!
  • Self-massage with every breath and movement
  • Use anywhere along the back, head, neck, legs or feet!
  • Built-in flaps secure around BB’s, stool and chair backs. Extender straps are available to make any chair ergonomic!
  • Use at your desk, in the car, the airplane or on the couch!
  • Portable and Lightweight
  • Super-versatile
  • Comes with free access to two online GYB mobility videos for use in your chair or on the mat
  • Designed in San Francisco, California USA

Additional information

GYB Color

1 Heather Gray w/ Black, 1 Dark Gray w/ Black, 1 Black w/ Black, 2 Heather Gray w/Black, 2 Dark Gray w/ Black, 2 Black w/ Black, 4 Heather Gray w/ Blacks, 4 Dark Gray w/ Blacks, 4 Black w/ Blacks, 2 Heather Gray and 2 Dark Gray w/ Blacks, 2 Heather Gray and 2 Black w/ Blacks, 2 Dark Gray and 2 Black w/ Blacks

BB Color

Lilac, jade green, burgundy, purple eggplant, midnite black


1, 18" Body Bolster + 1 GYB $65.00, 1, 24" Body Bolster + 1 GYB $69, 1, 18" Body Bolster + 2 GYB's $ 75, 1, 24" Body Bolster + 2 GYB's $79, 1, 18" + 1, 24" Body Bolster + 2 GYB's $99, 1, 18" + 1, 24" Body Bolster + 4 GYB's $119