• Body Bolsters by Bhoga

    Bend it - fold it - shape it - hold it!    Body Bolsters by Bhoga are not your typical fluff-filled cushion. Body bolsters are hefty and buoyant! Solid support provides comfort while guiding us to dance with gravity and not be gravity's slave!Bone-shaped Body Bolster's (BB's) are wonderful behind the knees, thighs, hips, back or head.Designed for support anywhere, in anyway. Use solo or with one or more Got Your Backs! Use full length or fold in half and get some springiness.Durable all cotton cover filled with natural kapok fiber feels great. Inner lining is removable for washing outer cover.Little known facts:
    • Kapok grows inside seed pods on trees that grow over 200 feet tall.
    • Kapok's nickname is 'silk cotton'.
    • Kapok is so naturally buoyant, it was once used as the material for floating in life preservers!
  • Cushion-plus

    Cushion-plus - Cushions for Life!
    • Multi-function Spine Channel is Cushion-plus's secret sauce
    • Relieves pressure on the spine and/or your sitting bones!
    • Ergonomically designed to guide you in improving posture while decreasing pain
    • Use anywhere at home, office, or anywhere you travel
    • Use on the back, butt, behind the knees, legs or head!
    • Removable and washable 100% cotton outer cover
    • Filled with kapok, a wonderful natural fiber that is light, dense, and buoyant, all at once!
  • Got Your Back combo pak