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  • White Gold premium alignment mat provides a foundational path that enriches and deepens your practice.At the center of White Gold's mandala design our signature expanding Lotus represents purity at our center — entering the flow of life.Within the mandala design there are 88+ guideposts effortlessly guiding you to precise and optimal alignment every time!

    Aligning Body — Focusing mind

  • Align the Body — Focus the MindBhoga's Lotus-sun mat serves as your personal guide and partner in creating optimum body alignment everytime - for any pose and practice.Our newly enhanced design has thicker lines and bigger suns resulting in simpler, almost automatic body alignment. The mandala design has 88+ alignment guides. At the heart is Bhoga's  radiant expanding lotus surrounded by suns with border pathways, as easy to use, precision alignment markers. Paired elements are equidistant from the center guiding you to effortless outer alignment — leading to inner peace.
    • Great grip, slip-resistant
    • 100% Natural Rubber with eco-polyurethane top skin
    • No PVC, silicone or phthalates
    • Eco-friendly and durable
    • Extra-wide, extra-long and extra-thick — 26.75″ x 72″ x .2″     68cm x 183 cm x 5mm
    • Laser-engraved design will not rub off
    • Mandala design helps to focus the mind while aligning the body
    • All cotton mat carrying strap included
  • Bhoga Yoga Pad – (New!)

    Our Lotus Alignment Yoga Pad is longer and thicker than most mini-mats.It features the same premium quality 100% natural rubber and eco-PU skin as our full-size Lotus mats!Small enough to fit in your bag and light enough to carry anywhere.It's the perfect size for meditation, seated poses, inversions, and other poses!Use alone or with any mat as extra cushioning for knees, hands and wrists!Have perfect effortless body alignment, any and every time with Bhoga's Lotus-sun Yoga Pad!
    • Great grip, slip-resistant
    • 100% Natural Rubber with eco-polyurethane top skin
    • No PVC, silicone or phthalates
    • Eco-friendly and durable
    • Extra-long and extra-thick — 25.75″ x 19.75″ x .2″     660mm x 500mm x 5mm approx.
    • Super-lite – Approx. 1.75 lb. / 0.79kg
    • Laser-engraved design will not rub off
    • All cotton mat carrying strap included
  • Body Bolsters by Bhoga

    Bend it - fold it - shape it - hold it!    Body Bolsters by Bhoga are not your typical fluff-filled cushion. Body bolsters are hefty and buoyant! Solid support provides comfort while guiding us to dance with gravity and not be gravity's slave!Bone-shaped Body Bolster's (BB's) are wonderful behind the knees, thighs, hips, back or head.Designed for support anywhere, in anyway. Use solo or with one or more Got Your Backs! Use full length or fold in half and get some springiness.Durable all cotton cover filled with natural kapok fiber feels great. Inner lining is removable for washing outer cover.Little known facts:
    • Kapok grows inside seed pods on trees that grow over 200 feet tall.
    • Kapok's nickname is 'silk cotton'.
    • Kapok is so naturally buoyant, it was once used as the material for floating in life preservers!
  • Got Your Back combo pak

  • Cushion-plus

    Cushion-plus - Cushions for Life!
    • Multi-function Spine Channel is Cushion-plus's secret sauce
    • Relieves pressure on the spine and/or your sitting bones!
    • Ergonomically designed to guide you in improving posture while decreasing pain
    • Use anywhere at home, office, or anywhere you travel
    • Use on the back, butt, behind the knees, legs or head!
    • Removable and washable 100% cotton outer cover
    • Filled with kapok, a wonderful natural fiber that is light, dense, and buoyant, all at once!
  • The Bhoga Infinity Bench is an almost magical blend of ancient wisdom with contemporary design. The Infinity Bench offers two equally super-ergonomic roles as both  a multi-functional yoga/fitness bench AND sturdy heirloom quality furniture. They are awesome partners for  increasing strength/flexibility and mobility while decreasing stress/pain.

    Align your body and focus your mind - simply - enjoyably - every time!

  • 50″ Bhoga Bar

    The Bhoga Bar is a super-versatile 'friend for life'! Whether used solo or as part of the Bhoga wall system, the Bhoga Bar combines artistry and alignment guides in a tool that is both body balancing aligner and connector - empowering the body's circuitry to flow and fly. The 4 sets of paired grips are equidistant from the center point. One hand or foot informs the other via tactile feedback! They inform and guide you to balanced alignment and interconnected flow - effortlessly and enjoyably!
  • Bhoga Wall System


    Precision alignment and balanced traction!

    Have virtually limitless options to complement your practice of yoga, Pilates, resistance training, functional/personal fitness training, physical therapy or any health regimen.
    • Bhoga bars are removable for use on and off the wall
    • Bhoga bars can be placed in any or all of 16 pairs of notches
    • Magnetized locking keys secure Bhoga bars in the notches
    • Alignment guideposts every 5 inches are visual and tactile alignment cues
    • Guideposts of Bhoga bar grips, notches on the Bhoga wall frames and locking keys
    • Guideposts offer points of resistance and rebound - ergonomically enhancing directional force
    • Attach ropes, straps, bands, cushions and more for endless combinations and uses!
    • Powerful, simple and fun to use!

    Get Your Float On and Dance with Gravity!

    The Bhoga Wall can serve as a 'vertical floatation tank'!Why floating? Floating is the Yin to Gravity's Yang!Be in balance with the two omnipresent forces that we interact with every second of every day, 24/7Gravity and Air — also known as Prana, Chi, Ki, or life-force!Floatation tanks ( horizontal personal size tanks with thousands of pounds of Epsom salts in water) create the experience and feeling of weightlessness — releasing tension and pain while increasing awareness.How to create that 'floating' feeling on dry land?
  • Premium Bhoga System

    Bhoga Wall — 86″ (h) x 28 3/4″ (w) x 7 7/8″ (d)
    • PLUS: 1, 18″ long, 6″ diameter Foam Roller, 2, 4x6x9 foam blocks
    •  1 Got Your Back cushion -flap edition
    • 2 XL Infinity Stretch Straps
    • and an extra-long, 72" x extra-wide 26" x  extra-thick 5mm Premium Lotus-Sun Alignment Mat
    • Free online 30 page full-color guidebook with 28 poses.
    Choose your combination of Bhoga Bars in the dropdown menu. Each Bhoga Bar comes with a set of 2 magnetized locking keys.Bhoga Systems are constructed of eco-friendly rubberwood. Rubberwood is a very strong and exceptionally beautiful wood.High quality wood finish provides warmth and feels great to hold and touch!All surfaces of the Bhoga Wall are designed for stability and support in achieving your goals.Bhoga Bars, notches in the rear of the vertical supports and the front notches can all be utilized in virtually endless  combinations for your fitness. Enjoy!Everyday Value Pricing saves you hundreds of dollars!FREE Shipping in the Continental US!